Business Trip for Start-ups from North Rhine-Westphalia to Singapore

The start-up delegation will be in Singapore from Monday, 9th to Friday, 13th of April 2018.

You are cordially invited to meet the participating start-ups at the German Pitch Night on Wednesday, 11th of April 2018 at Working Capitol (L4), 140 Robinson Road, Singapore 068907. The pitch event will take place from 6:15pm to 9:00pm.

Located in the heart of Europe, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is the most populous state of Germany with 17.7 million inhabitants, and a reach of approximately 160 million people within a radius of 500 km around the state capital, Düsseldorf. It is one of the most powerful economies amongst the Europe's metropolitan regions, with a GDP totalling US$769 billion (in 2016).

The region has one of the most dynamic start-up scenes in Germany – with known success in the ICT, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and cleantech industries. Mutual and communal collaborations between institutes, technology centres and incubators are also promoted to encourage creativity and innovations amongst students, start-ups and organisations. It is no wonder why organisations situate themselves in NRW – making it convenient to witness latest technology, establishing a partnership and investing in the ‘future’.

NRW has a broad network of 16 chambers of commerce which advise start-ups during their business formation phase. In cooperation with NRW.International, the state's agency in charge of the export promotion, the chambers support enterprises also in doing international business.

Through this delegation trip, we hope to provide further insights on the vibrant start-up ecosystem under the wing of NRW.

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BG3000 Service GmbH

The social impact start-up BG3000 provides digital education for high school students. Despite an obvious digitalization of the business and the private sector, the German curriculum does not require educational institutions to adapt to this development. BG3000 offers a solution: we coordinate so called “SMART CAMPS”, a project that provides educational institutions with free of cost digital education. Fees are taken on by public and private businesses. This pioneer project was first introduced into the German school-system in 2014 and has been skyrocketing ever since.

BG3000 Service GmbH

Noeggerathstr. 43
53111 Bonn

Simone Stein-Lücke

Founder and CEO Tel.: +49 (0) 175 58 23 09 3


DAVY is a maritime e-mobility start-up which is shaping the future of hybrid powertrains for boats. It is our mission to initiate the world’s transition towards a sustainable mobility on water. Therefore the maritime world needs a new zero-emission propulsion system.

When we started research in 2014, our goal was to prove that boaters don’t need to compromise to drive electric – that electric boats can be better, quicker and more fun to drive. We have invented the first high-performance powertrain platform for boats that is designed from the ground up to be adaptable to any upcoming technology improvements – be it in fuel cell or battery technology. In the last 3 years we developed the know-how to combine all system components and deliver a ready-to-use powertrain for boat builders.

Davy’s powertrain makes your boat the most fun to take on a boat trip. It unleashes a faster acceleration than combustion engines and because of our fuel cells we are not limited by any battery capacity in terms of range.

• Davy‘s powertrain does not produce unpleasant smell or noise in operation

• Davy’s powertrain is emitting purest water only

Be proud of your carbon footprint! Come on board!


Fleher Str. 32
40223 Düsseldorf

Simon Gorski

CEO / Co-Founder Tel.: +49 211 15964350

Dortmund Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK zu Dortmund)

The IHK zu Dortmund is a part of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry network and understands itself as an organization of businesses for businesses. By providing competent, relevant advice in all questions in the fields of business and education, it constantly aims at supporting its 55,000 member companies in all business related inquiries and over decades it has turned into a reliable partner when it comes to furthering commercial undertakings of all kinds.

The IHK zu Dortmund understands itself as the “voice of business” and is located in the heart of the dynamic Ruhr region, an economic conurbation with some 1.2 million inhabitants. The IHK’s international department offers various valuable services supporting its member companies to identify new business contacts abroad as well as to carry out the export and import orders with view to customs matters and current global trade regulations. By organizing IHK-business events, delegation trips around the globe and by participating in international trade fairs, the IHK offers substantial support to their member companies, hence enabling them to explore new markets and strengthen the economic success of the vibrant Ruhr region.

Dortmund Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK zu Dortmund)

Märkische Str. 120
44141 Dortmund

Dominik Stute

Head of Unit Foreign Market Development Tel.: 0231 5417-315

GoJames GmbH

GoJames provides an online shop for tires and is also a mobile tire service who brings the shop to you. This is the ideal way to save money and time. We strive to provide our customers with a higher quality service and better pricing you would expect from a traditional tire shop, with the convenience of on-site service at your home, work or wherever you are.

GoJames GmbH

Corunnastraße 1
58636 Iserlohn

Phil-Kevin Sell

CEO Tel.: +49800-4652637

Imprintec - Material Testing Solutions

Imprintec produces unique and patented testing equipment for manufacturing industry. Customers save time and costs in quality assurance of their products. Additionally, the testing equipment is easy-to-use, fast and can be implemented in production processes.

Imprintec - Material Testing Solutions

Universitätsstr. 142
44799 Bochum

Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Schmaling

Tel.: +4923497041401

Just Spices GmbH

Just Spices is the leading e-commerce spice company in Europe. As the most innovative provider for spice blends we created a consumer brand that is leading the food rankings on all relevant social media channels. With Just Spices, we bring back joy to our customers in such an old-fashioned food category. That’s why we travelled the world to discover the best and most authentic spice mixes, of course without any chemical additives or flavor enhancers.

Just Spices GmbH

Glockenstr. 16
40476 Düsseldorf

Florian Falk

Tel.: 00491785151513

Konato GmbH

Konato GmbH was founded to create digital knowledge solutions. We help enterprises digitalize various business domains and consist of a total of resident employees with different competences as strategy development, sales, design and programming. Therefore, a wide range of services from consulting to technical development can be offered to the customers as well as direct and immediate communication.

Our first product that is already delivered to the market and sold to various clients is a sales & consulting platform - the next product will be a digitalized controlling system.

The digitization affects all enterprises and all business sectors. The Konato GmbH serves as a partner, analyses business divisions, consults, and develops various, tailor-made knowledge solutions. Conceptional design, consulting and development go hand in hand. This is the only way our products and services can represent a real digital support for our customers.

Konato GmbH

Europaplatz 2
44269 Dortmund

Nicole Werhausen

CEO Tel.: 0231 496639 0

Myster GmbH

As of now, you are able to order skilled hand craft jobs easily by Myster (“my-ster”) - at a fixed price and with all materials as parquet floors, wallpapers, etc. included. Ordering can be done via the internet or at one of our so-called “Myster Boxes” (PoS with 100-150sqm). Our first Myster Box has already been launched in Dortmund in October 2017. Further Boxes as “Hamburg Myster Box” (May 2018) are in progress. Myster is the first mover in craftsmen Omni channeling (Proptech) and can be seen as the UBER of hand craft. The company was founded in December 2016. Since then, Myster attracts craftsmen as well as manufactures throughout Germany. First traction was achieved in Q1/2018 and is scaling up a skilled team internationally.

Myster GmbH

Europaplatz 7
44269 Dortmund

Christopher Nobbe

Project Manager Tel.: +4917634287879

Replex GmbH

Replex focuses on providing deep insights into any type of IT infrastructure allowing for digestible and actionable data for C-levels and devops alike. Replex acts on the aggregated information providing optimization strategies to ensure that cost efficiency is a constant focus and, on average, saving over 30 % on infrastructure costs. Replex delivers IT teams the ability to collect critical information on all infrastructure assets, including physical servers, virtual machines, docker containers and public cloud instances.

Replex GmbH

Erftstraße 11
47051 Duisburg

Costantino Lattarulo

CTO & Co-Founder Tel.: +491737196507

Patrick Kirchhoff

CEO Tel.: +491722549507

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